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Age 11, Sent to Live in a Foster Home

I Found a Sunshine & Health Magazine
Sunshine and Health Magazine - circa 1940

My mother sent me to live with a woman who took in kids of working moms, most of whose husbands were off fighting in WWII. My mom worked in a defense plant and had just split with her 3rd husband.

Mrs. Walsh had a large house out in the country along with a bunkhouse that had screened walls and a tin roof. This is where the boys had their cots along with a wooden picnic table and some benches.


A 17-year-old girl named Ronda was also one of Mrs. Walsh's charges and I sort of fell in love with her.

When my mom brought me there we were greeted by Mrs. Walsh on her front porch, and then invited inside to formalize the arrangements. I never saw the interior of the house again.

There were a couple of out-houses and a small wooden building with an enclosed shower stall and a wash basin.

The San Fernando Valley gets pretty hot in the summer, so our "dormitory" didn't need a "heating" system. As for Ronda, she had a bedroom in the house.


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