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Help with Downloading Songs
  1. Various Computer Audio Formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, etc.
  2. Finding Free Downloadable Music Online
  3. Recover Songs from your Temporary Internet Files
  4. Converting Digital Music Formats (WAV to MP3, etc.)
  5. Converting Vinyl LPs & Audio Tapes to MP3s
  6. More on Converting Musical Collections to MP3s
  7. Using a Digital Voice Recorder
  1. Digital Camera Icon Digital Photo Basics
  2. Getting Pictures from Camera into Computer
  3. Getting Acquainted with Irfanview
  4. Basic Terms: View Size vs Print Size, etc.
  5. Virtually Free Photography - Naming Pics, Albums
  6. When Digital Camera Photos Can't Be Found
  7. Digital Photography for Not So Digital Seniors

    Crop, Resize, Align, Colors
  8. How to Crop and/or Resize a Photo
  9. Problem Enlarging Digital Pictures
  10. Understanding CYMK & RGB Colors
  11. How to Straighten (Rotate, Align) a Photo
  12. Darkrooms Replaced by Computers
  13. Be Your Own Photo Processing Studio

    Adding Text to Pictures
  14. Adding Text to a Photo
  15. Text & Picture In a Word Text Box

    Displaying Your Pictures
  16. Printing Multiple Photos on a Single Page
  17. Displaying Your Photos as a Slideshow
  18. Merging Two Graphics Into One
  19. When Multiple Photos Don't All Fit on a Print-Out
  20. Print Yourself or Have Pics Processed Elsewhere?

    Online Images - Emailing Pics
  21. Reducing a Digital Photo's File Size
  22. Red X Instead of a Picture
  23. Reducing the File Size of a Video
  24. Print Yourself or Have Pics Processed Elsewhere?
  25. Copying Images from a Web Site or an Email

    Pic Formats - File Extensions
  26. Digital Picture Formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc)
  27. Difference Between "Drawing" & "Painting" Programs
  28. Digital Cameras & Megapixelss
  29. Choosing File Associations for Picture Files
  30. Understanding "Animated GIFs"
  31. Comparison of JPG and GIF Image Files
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Finding & Downloading Free Music

My recent article on downloadable music and audio file formats generated lots of responses – many with questions, but some with suggestions. Regarding changing files from one audio format to another, such as WAV to MP3, Dave Hollinshead and Doug Lengel wrote that Audacity is an easy-to-use free converter available from

Many asked questions about which music formats work on which players. Well, there are way too many variables for all to be explained here, but I can offer some pointers. First, what is a "player?"

Well, a player can be a downloadable program (such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, or QuickTime) that works on any Windows-based computer.

As for hardware devices, the iPod was the first (and most successful) portable player. Songs for the iPod can be obtained from iTunes for less than 90 cents each. However, Apple's players and downloading services are pretty much exclusive to each other and unlikely to work with competitive systems.

Other brands of portable players perform with multiple audio formats, such as MP3, WMA and ASF. Music in these formats can be found as free downloads all over the Internet, including on my site.

Younger people, who prefer current pop favorites, tend to download songs from iTunes and play them on their iPods. Older music fans, who enjoy songs of many eras, tend to avoid the limitations of Apple's i-hardware and i-software products. For instance, I have three MP3 players (made by Toshiba, Samsung, and Olympus) but I don't own an iPod. Nor do I have iTunes installed on my computers.

Finding Free Music

As for finding free songs online, many such music sites are listed on my Home Page. You can also find songs by typing the name of a song and/or performer into a Google search. This may take patience, however, because so many sites use bait-and-switch techniques to sell you all kinds of stuff (not to mention putting your email address on one or more spam lists). Be careful.

Since Windows Media Player comes free with all versions of Windows, I use it exclusively for playing songs on my computer, including playing them in a particular sequence or randomly. When online, you will often be solicited to download other media players, including those by Yahoo, QuickTime, RealPlayer, and MusicMatch Jukebox. They are all fine players, but each comes with its own set of sales gimmicks that I prefer living without.

Free & Easy Downloading

Songs on my site can be downloaded by right-clicking a name and choosing Save Target As (or Save Link As with Firefox or Netscape). However, choosing Save Target/Link As on some sites will download a Web page link instead of the song. Nonetheless, if you left-click the song it will usually begin playing in Windows Media Player, whereupon you can use File>Save as on WMP-10 to save the song. On WMP-11 right-click the menu bar to find File>Save As.

Some music sites allow the free playing of all their songs, but do not make them easily downloadable. Space here doesn't allow for explaining how to circumvent such barriers, but instructions can be found on my Home Page.

Strange Filename Extesion on Some MP3s

A peculiarity of some downloadable MP3s is that they have an MID extension. Many MP3 players will recognize the MID extension, but some may not. In any case, you can manually change MID to MP3 by right-clicking a filename and choosing Rename. However, if the file actually is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) changing MID to MP3 will make the file unuseable.

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  2. Replacing NORMAL.DOC when Word Becomes Unstable
  3. Password Protecting Word & Excel Documents
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  4. Picture in a Text Box
  5. Placing Both Text & a Pic in a Text Box

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  10. Using AutoCorrect for Bullets & Numbering
  11. Add Page Numbering to a Word Processing Document

    Backing Up Word Files
  12. Automatic Backup of MSWord Documents

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