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What Works &
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This site has tons of freely downloadable music - mostly songs from the "Big Band Swing Era" of the 20th Century. These songs were either found on other free music sites or sent to us by friends. Thus the songs are in a variety of different music formats, including WAV, MID, ASF, WMA and others.

1   Playing Songs on Your PC
    What Works:     Both the Windows Media Player and the VLC Media Player will play these songs with no problems when Internet Explorer is used to access these music pages.

      Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer come with all versions of Windows.

        The VLC Media Player is a free download from, where a version that works on Mac OSX can also be found.

    What May Not Work:
         If you try to play these songs via other media players, such as RealPlayer, Rhapsody, QuickTime, MusicMatch Jukebox or WinAmp, you may encounter problems.

       As for portable players (such as the iPod) some of the songs may work on some of the players. but none of them are likely to play on an iPod, which is designed to play songs that are bought from iTunes. The audio files on this site are really meant to play on Windows-based PCs.

2   Downloading Songs to Your PC
    What Works:    
    Using Internet Explorer, you can download a song by right-clicking its title and choosing Save Target As. Alternatively, you can left-click a song to have it play in WMP, whereupon you can click on File>Save As. (Sadly, the File>Save As option may not appear on the most recent versions of WMP.)

    What May Work Differently:     If you access these music pages via other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera) left-clicks and right-clicks may behave differently than they do when using Internet Explorer. It pays to experiment.

3   Copying Songs to a CD
    What Works:     Most of these songs can be copied (burned) to a CD (preferably a CDR disc) and they will play just fine on any Windows PC.

      Bear in mind, however, that these songs are NOT the same thing as the "music" files recorded on commercial over-the-counter CDs. Rather, they are "digital computer files."

      Nonetheless, some of the newer boomboxes and car stereos are designed to play digital files, as well as store-bought music CDs. Check the device's Owner's Manual for info.

What Works Best    Copy the songs to a USB flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, stick drive, travel drive). Using a flash drive is so much easier and more reliable than using a disc. Flash drives work just like the old 3½" floppy disks we used for years - you can easily copy files to a flash drive, and just as easily delete them or over-write them. We gave up using discs years ago, once flash drives came along.

4   Importance of File Name Extensions...

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