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Some Questions
that Have Crossed My Mind

  1. Why is Bettie Page better known now than she was at the height of her career in the 1950s as a photographer's model?
  2. Why have so many artists done drawings and paintings of Bettie Page in recent years, when literally none were done during her years as a working photographer's model?
  3. Why have some tagged her "The Notorious Bettie Page?"
  4. Was it certain photos and movies that depicted her as a cruel dominatrix that tagged her as being "notorious?"
  5. Was Bettie actually into BDSM herself?
  6. Did she ever do any x-rated posing?
  7. Was there something extraordinary about her figure — such as having a bountiful bosom, for instance — that has revived interest in her photos and caused many contemporary artists to recreate her likeness on canvas?
My unscientific answers below...

  1. I think it is just a fluke that Bettie's special inner beauty was not noticed until long after she had quit posing professionally.
  2. My guess is that it just took a while for these artists to notice something about Bettie that had escaped those who had simply photographed her during her modeling career.
  3. One of her photographers was big on BDSM and told Bettie she would have to do some bondage posing in order to get other jobs from him.
  4. Yes, in my humble opinion.
  5. No.
  6. No — unless your definition of porn is so broad that it would include some casual snapshots that showed her in full frontal nudity.
  7. Well, by today's Dolly Parton standards, Bettie's bosom would be considered quite ordinary in size. It was her overall persona that I, personally, find so exciting.

Bettie Page

Bettie Page

I have no special knowledge about the life of Bettie Page — all I know is what I've read on various web sites.  However, she has become something of an ongoing fantasy in my life since I first spotted this photo online back in the mid-1990s.

There is just something about the smile in this picture — like she could have been the proverbial "girl next door."  Yes, the fact that a good deal of her bosom is exposed also attracted me to the picture.  I confess to being an ordinary guy to whom women's chests have always been a source of endless fascination.

But this is part of what I found so wonderfully exciting about the photo.  In the 1950s none of the sweet, innocent "girls next door" I knew would have worn such a revealing swim suit.  Nor would they have posed for any kind of photo that exposed so much of their mammaries.  In those days this much cleavage was normally seen only in photos of women of questionable reputation.

One final thing that intrigued me about this picture was that there was no mention of the young woman's name.  So I saved the picture in hopes that I would someday find out who she was.  It was a couple of years later that I began seeing Bettie's name pop up on the Internet, along with some assorted paintings, drawings, and photos.  Bettie had become my fantasy dream girl.

Fantasy of Bettie Page posing

Bettie Page comic-strip style painting with bulldog in background

Bettie Page — spiked heel leather boots
Bettie Page semi-nude left arm in hair Bettie Page spiked heels — whip — nylons seams
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