Bike Riding in and around Costa Mesa, California

This is what I'm usually doing when not chained to the computer.

My favorite thing is to go bike riding around town. What makes it even better is Costa Mesa's Fairview Park, with its many acres of dirt hiking and biking trails overlooking Santa Ana River.

Costa_Mesa_Welcome.jpg Don Edrington on Bike in Costa Mesa

No, this is not in Fairview Park - this is up the street from our house.  Glass globes up the street from our house
Our neighborhood was built circa 1950, but the homes have been kept up beautifully -
and these glass globes have been here for as long as anyone can remember.

A few views of some parts of Fairview Park...
View from Costa Mesa overlooking the Santa Ana River  No Bicycle Riding   Dirt Trails of Fairview Park
I spent over 45 years in the sign business - but that doesn't mean I always believe in signs.

Even training wheels riders like the dirt trails.  

training_wheels_5.jpg training_wheels_1.jpg training_wheels_4.jpg

Bike Lane Ignored in Costa Mesa Now this truly amazes me. This is Victoria St., a very busy thoroughfare with lots of fast-moving traffic. What's amazing is that the riders are ignoring the entrance to a beautiful two-lane concrete bike path that goes for several blocks. In fact, the sign behind the middle team reads "BICYCLES - USE PATH" with an arrow pointing right.

Another view of the above 
to the 
Victoria St. 
bike lanes. 

 2 views Costa Mesa bike lanes

Here it looks like the lane-marking was taken over by someone from the UK.

Isn't he kinda big for training wheels?

gif.gif Some like to pedal, some like to rest, some like to walk.     These trails are a 10-minute bike ride from our house.

Different folks have different ways of enjoying the dirt trails.

Lady with umbrella chair on a Costa Mesa dirt trail

Family on bikes on a Costa Mesa dirt trail
gif.gifI love the tandem with the
lower rear seat & smaller rear tire.

 Mom pushing stroller on the Costa Mesa dirt trails
gif.gif I think mom could use some
help with the stroller.

Mom & two daughters flying kites on the Costa Mesa dirt trails
gif.gif I love taking pictures of the things people do on the Costa Mesa Hiking and Biking Trails.
The mom had just pulled her kite in and was about to take pictures of the girls with her cell phone camera.

 bike riders & dog  lady with dog

 bike & kids - hills & valleys

The January rains created a pond that made it possible for this pontoon plane to operate on land or lake.

oxygen.jpg wheel-chair-small.jpg walker.jpg
Even folks with disabilities enjoy the trails. There is also a nice lawn & picnic area adjacent to the trails.

distant_rider.jpg lonesome_bagpiper.jpg
One day I thought I heard a bagpipe off in the distance and decided to follow the sound. What a nice surprise!

If you wonder why the grass is green in some pics and brown in others -
well, these open fields are not irrigated - meaning the grass dries
out during summer and turns green during the rainy season.

Bike riding is even more fun when granddaughter Jessica Russell comes to visit -
especially riding down to the beach.

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