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Call Girl Anxiety

Call Girl Mona

Los Angeles - 1952

"Well, you could always go to a lady of the evening," Mr. Ralph suggested.

Dirk Ralph was a professional display artist who had been teaching me to do gold leaf lettering. He was a good teacher who also had a lot of good ideas about how to sell one’s lettering skills and how to make a living as a freelance sign-painter. I valued his advice.

But this kind of threw me. I had casually mentioned that I was still in love with Norma Jean - and that I didn’t currently have a girlfriend - and no prospects. As for going to a prostitute, that was something I had always told myself I would never do – it just wouldn’t seem right somehow.

When I pointed this out to Dirk, he said, "Well, it’s an idea that has some definite advantages. Think about it. After a visit with a call girl, you can go home and not be worried that she’ll be expecting you to call the next day. You don’t have to deal with the prospect that she might expect being intimate with you might be a major step on the road to a closer and permanent relationship, which is what usually happens when you have sex with a girlfriend. And you don’t have to worry about her getting upset if you’re seeing someone else on the side."

"No, it’s all very clean and easy with no regrets or worries that she might be expecting something more from you. Strictly in and out – if you’ll pardon the pun."

"Well," I protested, "I doubt that I could afford a call girl, and I wouldn’t even know how to find one."

"That’s easy – I could show you how. But there can be a monkey wrench in the machinery at times. Let me tell you about this one lady I use to see when I was young and not yet married."

"I’d seen Mona several times and enjoyed each visit immensely. Then one day I got a letter from her telling me that she had moved. She was now living – and conducting business – in an apartment building on Melrose Ave. She went on to say, ‘The landlady has no idea of what I do for a living, and I want to make sure she doesn’t find out.’"

"Mona further said that I should park my car down the street and around the corner. And that I would have enter the building by the rear entrance and use the back stairs to go to the third floor. She said I should not use the elevator since it was close to the landlady’s office near the building’s front entrance. Then I should go to Apartment 312 and do a special knock on the door – and not too loudly. And, of course, afterwards I would have to leave the same way I had come in."

"Well, one evening I was feeling all charged up and looking forward to having another lively session with Mona, so I got in my car and was prepared to follow all her instructions about getting into her apartment."

"Guess what – I couldn’t find a parking space around the corner and had to circle the block three times before I could find a place to park. Then I went to the back of the apartment building and followed her instructions for getting to room number 312. By the time I got to her door, I was so nervous I could barely do the special knock she requested."

"Well, I did knock and Mona opened the door and looked quickly up and down the hall to make sure nobody saw that she was having a visitor. Then she yanked me inside and quickly, but quietly, closed the door."

"Well, guess what – all this cloak and dagger stuff had rendered me totally limp and lifeless – and I couldn’t do anything about it. Mona disrobed and did some fancy teasing with her tongue – but there was no way I could perform. Finally, I just paid her and left. And I never went back."

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