I had the strangest experience recently...

As the sun bagan to set one evening I decided to take a short bike ride around our neighborhood. A few blocks from our house I found myself approaching a driveway where five cats were just sort of milling around—but a sixth cat was heading out of the driveway and onto the street as I approached, looking up at me as I got closer.


Well, seeing a cat in the street is not unusual around here, but they usually back away when I approach—or dash quickly across the street to get out of the way. This cat, however, kept walking until it was right were I would be passing it, looking up at me the whole time.


As I passed the animal I somehow sensed it saying, "Please turn around and come back."

So I did.

I made a u-turn and pedaled back to a point across from the aforementioned driveway and parked my bike.

To my amazement, the cat came right over to me. The other cats remained in the driveway, where a man had now appeared who was loading something into his car.

I called over, "Excuse me, sir—does this cat belong to you?"

"No," he replied, "but he's been hanging around here the last few days. He's even been eating out of our cats' dishes—but they don't seem to mind."

By now the cat is rubbing against my legs and meowing as it looks up at me. So I sat down on the curb and began to pet it. The cat is acting like we are old friends and lies down beside me, purring.

The next time I look across the street the man has been replaced by his wife, who is refilling their cats' food and water bowls. So I ask her if she knows who the cat belongs to.

Pointing to the house behind me, she replied, "I think the cat was owned by whoever lived in that house—but they moved away and left the cat behind."

I walked across the street so I could continue the conversation without having to shout. The cat followed. I explained to the lady that we recently had to put a cat to sleep—one who looked almost identical to this one.

"Well, if you want to take her, you wouldn't be stealing—her owners moved away. By the way, I think she may be pregnant."

Sure enough, on closer examination she did appear to be carrying a litter.

I pointed to my bike across the street and said I had no way of carrying the cat at the moment.

"Well, come back at any time," she said, "she's always around." Then Teresa gave me her name while offering a handshake. I did likewise and said I'd probably return the following day with a car.


At this point I decided to see how the cat would react to being picked up. Well, she was having no part of that. She was careful not to scratch me, but did everything else to make it clear she did not want to be held. Teresa just shrugged as if to say, "Well, you know how it is when an animal first meets you."

By now it had gotten dark and I had to be extra cautious pedaling back to the house. However, one of the things I like best about our neighborhood is the lack of inconsiderate drivers.

There are also plenty of street lamps to make night-riding less hazardous.

There is more to this story, and I will be posting it ASAP.

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