Bike Riding in and around Costa Mesa, California

This is what I'm usually doing when not chained to the computer.
      Don Edrington on Bike
My favorite place to ride is Costa Mesa's Fairview Park.

However, I would not
have the nerve
to try this...

unicyclist on unicyle

I wouldn't have the nerve to do this, either. Dangerous Bike Riding

The record rains in 2005 caused many of the dirt trails to be nearly obliterated by well-irrigated brush. Overgrown Dirt Trails in Fairview Park

And many of the trails that were accessible became unpassable for much of the rainy season. Fairview Park Muddy Trails

But this crane enjoyed one of the lakes that was created. (I never saw a crane in Fairview Park before.) Fairview Park Lonesome Crane

These fellows with a model pontoon plane also enjoyed a newly-formed lake. Model Airplane with Pontoons

The unicyclist and his friends came prepared to have a "Piņata Party" - but suddenly stopped
stringing it up and began climbing up to the ceiling of this picnic-area overhead. I have no idea why. I have no idea what they are doing, either.

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