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Don Edrington at the Drawing Board

Back in 1959 I had the idea of becoming a freelance cartoonist and earning a living by staying home at my drawing board.   Furthermore, I'd read that one could live in Mexico for about half what it cost in the states.

So I quit my job and went to Mexico City. Here are some of the drawings I did back then...

Mental Cruelty Made Easy
Norma Jean

Norma Jean Salina
First Love

One and Only True Love!

Football Kids
Instant Coffee
Little Boy in Malt Shop

Zelma Wann
(at Hollywood High)

Asked to Sharpen My Pencil

Kid with Parachute Going on High Ride
Boy Getting Out of Violin Lessons
Smitten Guy on Barstool

Margarita in Cuba
 Virginity Lost Dance Hall Hostess in Cuba

Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
Soldier Pretending to be WAC
Husband Wants It Now
Wife Throwing Apron at Smug Hubby
Little Boys Rolling Dice
Husband Needing Strong Coffee

Marta in Puerto Rico
threatened to kill me if

Little Boy Wants to Keep Giraffe for a Pet
Henpecked Husband
Big-Breasted Woman in Tight Sweater

Adorable, Desirable Delores wanted me to be her kids' stepdad.

Kids Playing Circus
First Day in Prison
New Watchdog


Surprise Invitation from a Restless Married Woman

Artist & Ugly Model
Cannibal Cooking Dinner
Sleeping Employee

Eugenia settled for me when she couldn't have the Don she wanted.

Hungover Dad in Trouble
Guy with Telescope Spying on Woman Getting Dressed

Aisha from Iran hoped that bequeathing me her virginity would get me to propose

Magician Magically Removes Bra
Home Movies
Little Boy Sneaking Out to Play Ball

My Boss' Secretary Sandra
thought I was too young and too naive for sex

Hubby Smitten by Can Can Dancers
Boy Sending Dog thru Car Wash
TV Salesman
Dog Giving Little Boy a Bath
Slamming Door to Remove Loose Tooth
Dance Student with Two Left Feet
Boxer Being Tempted by Hooker
Family Hears About Dad's Raise
Kids Playing Circus
Letter of Introduction
New Hubby Reading on How to Make Love
Little Boy - Dental Exam
Man Teaching Wife to Golf
A Few True Love Stories
Norma Jean - Love at First Sight
Margarita in Cuba

Fulfilled my Fondest Fantasy
Zelma Wanted to Sharpen my Pencil
 Marta in Puerto Rico Said She'd Kill Me If I... 
Provocative Proposal from a Persian Virgin
New Job - Buxom Blonde Made Me Nervous
Quiet Shy Guy Submits to Bold Bronze Beauty
Surprise Invitation from a Married Woman
Taking Norma Jean to The Blackouts
Frightened Girl on a Lonely Country Road
Secret Fetish: I Wanted to Shave Her Legs
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