Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Issues

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    Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Issues

    Al Roller called to say he received an Excel file which displayed nothing but gibberish when he tried to open it. This happened because the sender created the file with Excel 2007 and Al is using Excel 2000.

    When Microsoft updates a program, such as Word or Excel, files created with earlier versions are usually upwardly compatible. However, some updates are such that a new version can open older files, but older versions cannot open files created with the newer version.

    Nonetheless, there is a work-around that usually resolves the mismatch -- a user creating a file in the new version can make it downwardly compatible by selecting an older version from the "Save As Type" list. In Al's case, the sender could have chosen "Save As Type: Excel-97/2000." I'd suggest that all MSOffice 2007 users keep this in mind when sending files to friends with older MSOffice versions.

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