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Play Songs Continuously with
Windows Media Player

     A number of readers have asked how to make songs play continuously with WMP in Win7/8/8.1 and Win10.
     WinXP instructions can be seen here.
     I begin by right-clicking my Desktop and choosing New>Folder. I name the folder according to the type of songs it will hold (such as, say, Pop Instrumentals). You can create multiple folders for different types of music.
     The songs you choose for the new folders can be dragged into them from wherever they currently reside. You can also download music from my site (and many similar free music sites) by right-clicking a song and choosing "Save Target As" (Google Chrome or Firefox users use "Save Link As"). Now that you have some songs collected, how do you get them to play continuously?

Any folder that contains some music files (that have extensions such as wma, wav, mid or asf) will have a "Play All" option appear on its Toolbar. Click on it to have the songs start playing.

     You can let them play them in alphabetical order, or you can have them play randomly by clicking the "Shuffle" icon (two overlapping curved arrows) at the bottom of the player.
     To change a song being played, double-click on a different one. You can also right-click a song and choose "Remove from Playlist." This will give you the option of deleting the song permanently or merely having it removed from the "Playlist."


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     There are many other things you can do with Windows Media Player, such as "Burn" songs to a CD or DVD — or "Rip" songs from a disc onto your hard drive. Just click on "Help" to see all the various options.
     If you don't see any of these items on the player's Toolbar, right-click it to display a menu of options.
        What about the legalities of downloading songs from the Internet? Well, the debate is usually centered around recently recorded songs of the type that appeal to young people. However, I'm and old-timer that grew up during the "Big Band Era" of the 1940s and 1950s — so these are the kinds of songs you'll find on my site.
         Furthermore, you won't find any actual MP3-format songs on my site. Rather, they are of the wma or mid formats, which are smaller and have a somewhat lesser audio quality. Frankly, they sound just as good as the original recordings when I listen to them with a high-quality set of headphones.

    Instructions on how to create a Playlist in Windows XP can be seen here.
     Regarding songs downloaded from "iTunes" or any other dedicated downloadable music site, the songs may or may not play via Windows Media Player. You may be expected to download the "iTunes Player" or the "Real Audio Player."
     If I run across a song that can't be played via Windows Media Player, however, it will very likely be playable via the "VLC Media Player," which is a free download from

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