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Provocative Proposal
from a Precocious Persian

    Back in California from the Korean War, I had no girfriend, but a friend said he was taking his girlfriend to the Long Beach Pike on the weekend and that she had a friend who could be my blind date if I was interested.

"Sounds good to me," I replied and asked where and when to meet them.

    The idea of a blind date appealed to me because I've always been embarrassingly shy about approaching women.


Well, Aisha turned out to be a very attractive exchange student from Iran and we hit it off quite well that summer evening.

Aisha had never been to an amusement park and she enjoyed going on the various carnival rides. In fact, she was quite clingy on the faster rides and held me very tightly.

I liked that. But when I suggested going on my favorite ride, the Cyclone Racer roller-coaster, Aisha said it looked too scary and that she'd rather not.

Well, she could see I was disappointed, so she suddenly changed her mind and said she'd go on the ride but only if I promised to hold her tight all the way through.

Yes, of course I would.

Well, I not only held her very close, I found my right hand circling her right shoulder to whereit was cupping her right breast. Instead of pushing my hand away, though, she put her hand on top of mine and pressed it tighter against her bosom.

Well, this was a pleasant surprise, and I wondered where else she'd let me put my hand. So on subsequent rides my hand found its way inside her blouse to where I was massaging one breast through her bra and she made no attempt to stop me.

I didn't want this evening to end.

When the park closed and I offered to drive Aisha home, she asked if she could go home with me instead and then I could drive her home the next morning.

Wow! She's saying she wants to spend the night with me in my apartment. Could things possibly get any better than this? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

Inside my apartment Aisha sat down on the sofa and smiled at me. "Where's your bed?" she asked.

"You're sitting on it," I replied. "The sofa converts into a bed."

"Show me," she said as she stood up.

"Okay," I replied as I opened up the sofa-bed, still not quite believing what was happening.

"Can I sleep on it tonight with you?" she asked.


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