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How Sandy and I First Got Together

Sandra, my boss' new secretary, was an attractive gal with a quick wit and an outgoing personality. And she was single.

Secretary Sandra

The thought of asking her out had definitely crossed my mind, but I was 25 and she was about ten years my senior -- and I've always been shy about approaching women of any age.

But one day Sandra said she'd heard that I liked to dance and asked if it was true. "Yes," I said and told her I'd taken lessons at an Arthur Murray dance studio while in the army.

Sandra went on to say there's a night spot nearby that has a good dance band and asked if I'd been there. When I said no she suggested that we should go there sometime and try it out.

I said that was a great idea and asked her if next Saturday would be okay. "Sounds good to me," she replied. "Should we go in your car or mine?"

I said if she'd give me her address I'd pick her up in my car.

So sexy Sandra and I had a date for the coming Saturday night. I could hardly wait.

When we got to the club Sandra said hello to a couple of ladies she knew after asking a waiter to find us a table. While gossiping with her friends, one of them asked, "So why did you get divorced, Sandy?"

Sandra replied, "Oh, my ex was okay, but he only knew 68 ways to make love." Her friends just smiled and gave her a knowing nod.

Some nearby wiseguy overheard this and sniggerngly asked the ladies, "So what does '69' mean?"

"Stand on your head and I'll show you,"was Sandra's quick retort. The guy just looked chagrined and walked away.

But I thought about what Sandra had said and interjected, "Gee, he doesn't know how much fun he's missing."

Now Sandra and her two friends each gave me a long inquisitive look.

The truth was that I had never done "69," nor had I ever been involved with any oral sex at all. But Sandra didn't know that. And now she was suddenly holding me closer when we danced and rubbing affectionately up against me.

Back at work, Sandra's demeanour had changed considerably. She smiled at me every time we crossed paths and was solicitously accommodating in our various activities around the shop.

Another thing going on in the shop in those days was that our boss George was having an affair with a married woman named Beverly. He had a couch set up in his office and they used it regularly at night after the shop closed and the staff had left for the day.

George and Beverly's liaison was no secret around the shop and Beverly dropped in periodically to say hello. Also, she and Sandra got acquainted and quickly became friends.

One day Beverly mentioned to Sandra that she'd been given a "stag film" (pornographic movie) and wondered where we could watch it.

Well, we couldn't use George's house because his two young children lived there along with a live-in caregiver and her two young kids.

Sandra had an ex-sister-in-law currently staying with her and, of course, Beverly's house was out of the question. So guess who's apartment was selected for watching the movie.

George said he'd rent a projector and a screen and bring them to my place on Saturday night.

Well, I was rather uncomfortable about the whole thing because I'd never seen a stag film before, much less in the company of two women. And the idea of watching a "dirty movie" with my boss was more than a little unsettling.

Furthermore, pornographic movies were strictly illegal in those days. But George and Beverly assured me that everything would be okay and we'd all have lots of fun.

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