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Making Money with a Computer

I've been making money with a computer since the mid-1990s and I'd like to share a few tips for those who are interested in doing likewise.

BEWARE: DO NOT sign up for any of the "MAKE MONEY FROM HOME" ads seen online. The only people who make money from these ads are the site owners who con people into paying them for bogus information.

One of their tricks is to charge you $97 for an "instruction course" on how to make money online. However, what they hope you won't notice is some very tiny text that says, "You have agreed to continue paying $97 EVERY MONTH to keep receiving information on how to make money."

If you become a victim of one of these scams and give out your Credit Card number, you should immediately contact your CC provider (bank or other financial institution) and tell them what happened. They will take the necessary action to stop payments to the scammer.

Some scammers have invoked the name of Google, saying they can teach you how post Google ads online and earn commissions that result from people clicking on them.

Well, I've been earning money from Google ads for nearly 18 years and I can tell you how it's done at NO CHARGE.

In order to qualify for Google ads, you should have a website or a blog that lots of people see every day.

My website is: www.pcdon.com and it has nearly 500 pages. I try to add informational pages to the site every day.

One day Google noticed my site, along with how many clicks it was getting. So they emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in placing their ads on my pages. Of course, I said yes and have been getting a monthly check from Google ever since.

Well, creating a blog or website that gets lots of daily clicks is not easy to do for an individual who has no affiliation with a well-known entity, such as a large corporation. I have NO such affiliation -- my site prospers on its own merits

The site has frequent visitors because I've spent years creating and posting illustrated instructions on using computers in everyday life.

I bought my first computer in 1977 (Radio Shack's TRS80 Model 1) and soon began writing newspaper articles on how to use it.

Over time I bought newer computers, and eventually specialized in computers with Microsoft's various Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.

Currently, my weekly newspaper articles appear in the San Diego Union Tribune.

I also spent four years as a part-time Computer Instructor for Fallbrook High School (in Fallbrook, CA) and for the Palomar College Adult Education Department (in San Marcos, CA).

If you have any questions, I'm available at DonEdrington@gmail.com or 949-891-1731.

Thanks for your interest.

Don Edrington

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