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I decided to show the nudist magazine only to Ronda.

But keeping it hidden from the other boys was a major challenge, since my hiking attire consisted of Keds, a T-shirt and khaki shorts.

I stuffed the magazine under the T-shirt and moved it to one side where my arm could keep it from being noticed. First chance I got, I slipped it under the mattress on my cot.

I had no idea how Ronda would respond to my showing her the magazine, but I was determined to try. The challenge, of course, was getting her alone where I could do so.

Well, it was a couple of days before the right moment came. We were walking through an orchard at one end of the property, picking some apples to munch on.

I didn't dare carry the magazine with me — it would have been too easy to spot by the others. I had decided to tell Ronda about it, and then ask if she wanted to see it.

However, I found that gathering the courage to do so was not nearly as easy as gathering fruit.

Finally, I looked around to assure myself nobody was within range of our voices.

"I found a magazine the other day, Ronda, while I was out hiking."

"Really," she smiled, "what kind of a magazine?"

"Have you ever heard of Sunshine & Health?"

"No, I haven't. What kind of a magazine is it?"

"Uh — one that shows people being out in the sunshine."

"So it's about exercising outdoors?"

"Well, it does have some pictures of people playing volleyball."

"And what else?"

"Well, there are lots of pictures and all the people in them are naked."

Ronda gave me a strange look and said, "Are you sure? Everybody is naked?"



"So they must all be young children."

"Well, there are some kids of various ages — but mostly grown-ups."

"Grown-ups? So — they are all men — or all women?"

"No, men and women. Some are married couples — families with children. But some are single — it says so under the pictures."

"Wow! Is it some kind of an illegal dirty magazine?"

"No, it looks like a regular magazine — only everybody is naked."

"And you only see them — what — from the rear, or standing behind a bush?"

"No. Really — nothing is hidden."

"No kidding? Wow, I've never seen a magazine like that. I wonder where it came from."

Then she gave me sly smile and said, "So you saw pictures of naked women — showing everything?"

"Yes." By now, I had become quite nervous and had begun to wonder if telling Ronda about the magazine was such a good idea.

Still smiling, she asked, "So how did you like looking at those pictures? How did they make you feel?"

Embarrassed Young Boy

Well, I certainly knew how they made me feel, but was kind of afraid to tell Ronda.

"I have the magazine under my mattress. Why don't you look at it and tell me what you think?"

"Okay," she said. "Go get it."

"Better yet, I'll go with you. I'll stop by the house and get my purse."

"Okay," I replied, "let's go."


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