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Creating Symbols & Special Characters (¿  ñ  ®  ©   ½  ¾  ¢  ÷  °   —  •)
along with Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Character Map
Using the Windows Character Map (shown above)
      A character map of all special symbols, including foreign language characters, can be displayed by going to Start>Run, typing charmap, and clicking OK (Windows XP users).

      Win7 (and later) users will type charmap into the Search window at the bottom of the Start Menu.
      Choose the font corresponding to the one you're using and click on a character. Next click Select>Copy to copy the character.
      Return to your document, click where you want the character inserted, and go to Edit>Paste (or do Ctrl+V) to insert it.
     Microsoft Office users can go to Insert>Symbol to accomplish the same thing.

      If you plan on using a special character multiple times (such as the ° symbol in several recipes) it's easier to copy and paste one you've already created by using one of the above procedures. For MSOffice users, it's even easier to use "AutoCorrect" for this purpose.
      Click on Tools>AutoCorrect Options. Here you will find a collection of commonly misspelled words in the "Replace" list followed by the correct spelling in the "With" list. You will also see that certain symbols, such as the © (Copyright) will replace the typing of (c). Beyond all this, you can create your own "corrections."
      Using the "degrees" symbol as an example, copy and paste your previously made symbol into the "With" box. Then type a simple code into the "Replace" box, such as, say, dg. Finally, click the Add button. Henceforth, typing dg, followed by pressing Enter or the space bar, will generate the ° symbol wherever you want it.

Windows Key Win (Windows) Key Same as clicking on Start
Win Key + E Opens Windows Explorer
Win Key + F = Find Files & Folders
Win Key + R brings up the Run command.
Win Key + Pause/Break Key takes you to System Properties
Win Key + D toggles you between the Desktop and wherever you happen to be.

Windows Key (old/new) Right-Click Key

(Same as Pressing Right Button on a Mouse)

Keyboard Shortcuts
for Windows Computers

Hold down Ctrl and press the indicated key
to execute the following commands:
  Ctrl + A = Select All
  Ctrl + X = Cut
  Ctrl + C = Copy
  Ctrl + V = Paste
  Ctrl + F = Find
  Ctrl + H = Find & Replace
  Ctrl + Z = Undo   Ctrl + Y = Redo

  Ctrl + S = Save
  Ctrl + N = New Document
  Ctrl + O = Open Existing Document
  Ctrl + P = Print
  Ctrl + W = Close

Font Styles (with text selected)
  Ctrl + B = Bold
  Ctrl + I = Italic
  Ctrl + U = Underlined.

  Ctrl + L = Left Aligned
  Ctrl + R = Right Aligned
  Ctrl + E = Center Aligned
  Ctrl + J = Justified

  Ctrl + 1 = Single Line Spacing
  Ctrl + 2 = Double Line Spacing
  Ctrl + 5 = 1½ Line Spacing

Page Scrolling
  Ctrl + Home = Top of Document
  Ctrl + End = Bottom of Document
  Ctrl + Page Up = Top of Page
  Ctrl + Page Down = Bottom of Page

(On a Mac, use the Command key rather than the Ctrl key. )

Símbolos Españoles
   Alt + 0191 = ¿
   Alt + 0161 = ¡
   Alt + 0209 = Ñ
   Alt + 0241 = ñ
   Alt + 0225 = á
   Alt + 0233 = é
   Alt + 0237 = í
   Alt + 0243 = ó
   Alt + 0250 = ú
   Alt + 0252 = ü
   Alt + 0186 = °
      (1° = primero)
   Alt + 0170 = ²
      (2² = segunda)

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