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About the "MID" Files on this Site

Some of the music files on these pages are actually MP3s that have the extension MID. These misnamed files are ones we found on other free music sites, and we have no idea why they have the MID extension rather than the proper MP3 extension.

Normally, MID is the extension used on MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files that are created with electronic keyboards. Thus, true MID files have no vocals and are usually very small in size (under 100 KB).

Nonetheless, as long as you use Windows Media Player or the VLC Media Player to play these mislabeled MP3s, the MID extension doesn't matter - the music will play just fine with no problems.

If you try to play these MP3s with the MID extension via other media players (such as Winamp or Quicktime or RealPlayer) you may encounter problems. Nonetheless, any misnamed "MID" file can be manually renamed to "MP3" - just download the song to your computer, right-click the filename, and choose Rename.

Since we did not personally create any of the music files on these pages, we have no control over their sound quality. None of the songs are of the super high bit-rate quality used in commercial recordings, and we have no way of improving their quality. They are offered strictly as is.

Christain Cross Uncle Sam Hat
Gospel + Patriotic Songs

Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey
Big Band Era

Musical Theater

Ted Weems
1920s-1930s Music

Anne Murray  Jim Reeves
Classic Country

Jerry Colonna

Julio Iglesias  Eydie Gorme