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More About Delores

I wrote about Delores
And of the night we met.


But there's more to the story
My heart just can't forget.

She filled my nights — but there was more —
She had an earthy charm.

And I was proud when we went out
To have her on my arm.

She had a regal bearing.
She had a knowing smile,

She had a certain sense of pride.
Let's face it — she had style!

But when I took her to the place
Where I then lived with friends.

Some said, "So long, we gotta go."

And didn't make amends.

And later at a night club
We'd get more than a glance

And hear the stifled whispers
When we got up to dance.

I feel the pain we felt back then
As now I'm looking back.

The year was 1955.
My lady friend was black.

So what went wrong?
Why did we split?
Did color do us in?

I wish I knew the answers
To the mysteries of the skin.

I know I'm not a racist
But relationships are tough.

We then were victims of the times
And felt we'd had enough.

But I still have feelings of uncertainty and guilt
about this ... even to this day.

How Delores and I First Met
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