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Same-Sex Marriage

    My take on same-sex relationships has more to do with philosophical rather than political, legal, or religious considerations. I'm just enough of a hopeless romantic to believe that love is good wherever it's found.

    And when it comes to true, unconditional love (such as the love dog owners receive from their pets) I'm not good at marginalizing it into: "Well, that's not the same as the love between a man and a woman." I'm just happy about love being felt and expressed, no matter who the participants might be.

    As for marital relationships, if a man truly loves, respects, and cares for his wife in every possible way, he has my unconditional admiration. And if a man truly loves, respects, and cares for another man, why should I admire him less? Or more to the point, why should I condemn him?

    Beyond that, I know there are many who say that a man being intimate with another man is expressly forbidden in the Bible. Such believers also have my respect for their convictions, but they in no way deter me from admiring true love between whomever happens to be sharing it.

    Having said all this, I must admit that the thought of being intimate with another male is one of the grossest things I could possibly imagine.

    But I feel much the same about eating turnips. However, I have no negative feelings toward people who enjoy turnips, based solely on how their tastes differ from mine.

    As for the endless argument about whether a person is born with homosexual tendencies or chooses to become homosexual, my observations of the many I have known lead me to believe it is a matter of genes rather than of choice.

    If a traditionally married couple lives in the house to my left and a same-sex couple lives on my right, should I shun the latter and view them with suspicion. solely on the basis of their sexual preferences?

    If they are honest, hard-working, tax-paying citizens who obey the law and teach their kids to do likewise, do these traits count for nothing simply because they happen to love someone of the same gender?

    Personally, I feel obliged to not judge people by their skin color, religious beliefs, country of origin, or any other ethnic distinction.

    Shouldn't I feel equally obligated to not judge them by whether they share my inclination of being attracted to women rather than men?

    Having grown up in Hollywood, I came to know quite a few homo- and bi-sexual people over the years. However, I can honestly say I never met one I disliked, much less one I found unworthy of being a neighbor.

Gay Roommate

    In fact, in my early 20s I lived in a boarding house for a few months with a homosexual roommate. I've told the story here.

       Back to my views on homosexuality in general, I admit to having told jokes about hair stylists, interior decorators, and male ballet dancers -- but they were told with no more malice than jokes about Scots being thrifty, husbands being henpecked, wives being nags or blondes being ditzy -- along with stories about alcoholic signpainters (I'm a signpainter by trade).

    And I'm also guilty of occasionally remarking that someone on TV looks as though he might be gay, just as I might say he or she looks like an Asian or a professional athlete or a senior citizen. However, if I'm introduced to someone who appears to be homosexual I don't look for a hasty retreat back to "my own kind of people."

    People are people and people are different. I revel in getting to know their differences, while sharing and comparing theirs with mine.

Gay Pride Parades

    I must confess, however, that I've never been to a gay pride parade and am unlikely to ever attend one.

    Nonetheless, I would not protest their having one on my street -- as long as I could still get in and out of my driveway.

    Frankly, though, I tend to be puzzled by the concept of a "gay pride" parade just as I would be puzzled by a "heterosexual pride" parade. But as long as they aren't harming others, why should I care?

    But I must quit now. I'm trying to find a Jewish doctor. Why Jewish? Well, everyone knows they're the best.