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Lydia and I Met at the
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


When I was young the best-known "singles-hookup" place in Los Angeles was the "Cinegrill" in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

I had never been there because of my timidity about approaching women and asking them to dance.

However, a more extroverted friend asked me to go along with him one Saturday night.

"Why not?" I thought. Maybe Iíd learn something from him about 'picking up women.'

Well, my pal quickly latched onto an attractive young woman who told him she had come with a recently-divorced friend -- whom his friend (ie: me) might be interested in meeting.

Yes, of course I'd be interested.

Lydia turned out to be a strikingly beautiful woman with a sparkling personality, and who was a great dancer.

Wow, I remember thinking. A beautiful divorcee who cuddles up close while we're dancing. What more could a shy guy ask for?

I finally got brave enough to ask if she'd like to go out with me next Saturday night.

Lydia said that would be fine and scribbled her number on a napkin.

So the following Saturday I took Lydia to dinner and a movie.


"The Moon Is Blue" was considered a rather racy movie in 1953; but since Lydia was a divorcee, I didnít think she'd be offended by any of its content. She wasn't.

While driving her home, we got to chatting about the schools we'd attended.

When Lydia heard I had dropped out of high school, she seemed rather disturbed and suggested I should find a way of completing my studies and getting a high school diploma.


She seemed totally unimpressed that I had gotten a GED certificate while in the army. She said it just wasnít the same as an actual diploma.

When we got to her apartment and I asked if I could see her again, she replied, "Sure. Give me a call as soon as you get your high school diploma."

Well, I still have Lydiaís number, but I donít think I'll be using it.

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