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"Okay," I replied, "let's go."

As we walked up the hill I had fantasies of Ronda saying, "Well, now that you know what big girls look like, I'll let you see what I look like."

But then I was afraid she'd want to see what I looked like — and was not quite sure how I felt about that."

In any case, it was a moot point, since there was no way we could be alone to do any "showing."

Well, our little cloak and dagger routine of getting the magazine out of the dorm worked fine. In fact, all the other boys seemed to have disappeared that afternoon.

It was not uncommon for them to take a hike in the middle of the day, and Mrs. Walsh preferred having them go in a group. She always seemed a little uncertain about my preference to hike alone, but allowed it as long as at least one dog was with me.

Ronda, Surprised Girl

Ronda and I went back down to the orchard and found a large rock on which we could sit side-by-side. She took the magazine out of her purse and began leafing through its pages. "Oh, my," she said, as her eyes widened. "It's exactly as you said. It looks like these people belong to some kind of a club where everyone goes around naked — a nudist club."

"Do they actually have clubs like that?" I asked.

Ronda, Surprised Girl

"Well, on this page they list the names and locations of several "nudist parks."

Then Ronda turned to me with a smile and said, "Have you ever seen a woman naked before — or a picture of one — before this magazine, I mean?"


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