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Ronda Got to Live in the House

Mrs. Walsh explained that, as the only girl there, Ronda certainly wouldn't be expected to live in a bunkhouse with a bunch of boys.

None of us saw this as a problem we all liked Ronda. We were at an age when we had begun to notice that girls were different, and having one around who had what appeared to be a fully-matured female body made being in her presence kind of erotic. At least, that's how she affected me.

Ronda seemed to view me as being "more mature" than the others and often sought me out as a conversation partner. I found this very flattering, and quickly discovered that I enjoyed being with her. I also found our time together to be strangely arousing.

One day I was out hiking in the hills with one of the dogs when I spotted a magazine lying on the ground. Strange place for a magazine, I remember thinking, since I rarely saw any other people on these back country trails.

boy walking dog

To my astonished and pleased surprise, the magazine turned out to be a recent issue of "Sunshine & Health," a nudist periodical. I sat down on a rock and spent the next hour looking at all the photos that let everything hang out and left nothing to the imagination.

After looking at each picture well, each picture featuring females for probably 100 times, I could hardly wait to get back and show the magazine to the other guys.

Sunshine and Health Magazine - circa 1940

Wait a minute, I thought why would I show the magazine to them? They'd probably fight over it and destroy it in the process.

I decided I'd only show the magazine to Ronda.


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