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Sharing Eugenia's Bed

Eugenia had quickly undressed and gotten into bed. Then she asked me to do the same — so I did.

However, this will not be the sordid story of wild sex you might have been expecting. Eugenia liked having me fondle her body with my hands — but that's all she wanted (that time).

So, at her request, I continued "feeling her up" until we both dozed off and fell asleep. After that particular evening of teenage-ish tenuous touching, Eugenia told me I had an open invitation to come spend the night with her any time I wanted.

I was flattered, but only accepted Eugenia's offer one other time — when Jackie asked if she could come along, too, because she didn't want to be alone in her apartment that night.

Jackie was a divorcee who happened to live in the same apartment complex I lived in — just two doors away, in fact. We met one day in the building's laundry room, where we had each come to do a load of washing and drying.

Imagine our surprise to discover we were near-by neighbors after having first met at the Hotel Green Lounge. I also met Jackie's live-in boyfriend, John, who struck me as being a professional gigolo. All he did was hang around Jackie's apartment watching TV and ask her for money.

Well, one night at the Lounge, Jackie arrived all despondent and crying because John had moved out and said he wasn't coming back. That's when Jackie asked if she could spend the night at Eugenia's house, to which Eugenia replied "Certainly, no problem."

But just before Jackie arrived that night, Eugenia had asked me to come and spend the night. Actually, she had asked me to spend the weekend because her daughter Jane was out of town and wouldn't be back until Monday.

Now I was beginning to think that accepting Eugenia's invitation may not have been a wise decision.

However, we did end up at Eugenia's house and spent a couple of painful hours listening to Jackie's sad story of being dumped by John.

Finally, Eugenia suggested Jackie retire to her daughter Jane's room and get some sleep, which Jackie tearfully agreed to do.

That was when Eugenia said it would be a good time for the two of us to go into her bedroom. Well, I couldn't get too enthused about this, wondering if Jackie might be suddenly knocking on the door for one reason or another.

Well, there did come a knock on the door — but not from Jackie. It was Jane, who wanted to know whose cars were in the driveway and who was in her bedroom and why her mother's door was locked.

"OMG," Eugenia said, "Jane's back two days early. I'd better get up and straighten everything out."

This turned out to mean Eugenia invited Jackie to come and get in bed with us so Jane could have her room back.

Well, Jackie was okay with this. She told Eugenia and me to just go back to whatever we were doing and pretend she wasn't there.

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