Shaved Legs

Shaving her Legs

Hollywood - 1952
My first date with Laurie had gone well,
and I was looking forward to our second.
But I was surprised when it wasn't
Laurie who answered the door.

    Hi.  You must be Don.

  Uh — right — and you are...?

Cindy — Laurie's new roommate. She's not here.


She just called — got hung up at work — be here in a while.

  I see.  I — uh...

Well, don't just stand there.  It's cold!  Come on in.

  Yeah, sure — okay.

I have a date, too.  In fact, I have to hurry — still need to do the shower and leg-shaving thing — you know.


What's the matter?  You look pale.

  Oh, it's nothing — I was just thinking...

About what?  It made you turn pale, whatever it was.

  Uh, well — legs — shaving — nothing...

Don't tell me you shave yours!

  Of course not!

So?  Tell me!

  Well, it's silly.  It's just that I've wondered...

Wondered what?

  What it would be like...

To shave your legs?

  Never mind.

I hate 'never mind.' Now tell me — or I'll get my razor and give you a Mohawk.

  Well, okay — but I've never told this to anyone before — so please don't tell Laurie.  But the truth is — I've always thought it might be interesting to — well, you know — shave a woman's legs.

Really?  Hmmm.  Well — oh, never mind…

  You just said you hate 'never mind.'

Well — okay — but I was just thinking — I've often wondered what it would be like for a guy to shave mine — but never had the nerve to ask.

  Get outta here!

No — really!  And since we both had the same idea — well, I mean — it's just shaving — no big deal...

  You're kidding!

Look — Laurie won't be here for another half hour.  We could actually do it.


I'm gonna jump in the shower.  You can sit on the toilet.  When I'm ready, I'll stick one leg out through the curtain.  My Lady Gillette's on the drainboard.

  Uhhhh — yeah — okay — sure...

I'll let you know when I'm ready.

  I'll wait here.

Okay!  I'm behind the curtain — you can come in now.

  I'm kinda nervous — I might cut you.

Nah — guys shave all the time — you know how to handle a razor.  Okay, here comes leg number one.  Ooopps — sorry — the curtain slipped out of my hand.

You dropped the razor.  What's the matter?

  I couldn't help but notice — you've already done some shaving.

Well, yeah — that's left over from summer — when I wore a bikini to the beach.

Hey — are you gonna shave me, or what?  Laurie's on her way.  Say — you ARE nervous, aren't you.  Here — let me steady your hand.

  But — but — now I can see everything.

So — you never saw a naked woman before?  Not even Laurie?  Come on now...

  Well, we just met recently — and, no — we've never — well, you know...

Look, Don — we don't have all night…

Say — this might be easier if I sat on your lap.  There.  How 'bout that?  You don't mind if your pants get a little wet, do you?  I might even have you do my underarms.

Now take hold of my ankle — that's right — and use the other hand to spread this lotion — ummmm — that feels good.

And that's not the only thing I'm feeling, Don.  I guess you know what I mean.

  Well, I, I — wait!  I thought I just heard something — the door?

Hi, Cindy.  I'm home.  Did my date get here yet?

  Well, Cindy, it was nice meeting you.  But if you'll excuse me, I think I'll just leave through this window.  Give my regards to Laurie.  Tell her it was nice knowing her, too.

I don't think you're gonna make it, Don — small window — tight squeeze. Ahhh — I see — you're gonna try, anyway.  Good luck.

Guess you're in the bathroom, Cindy.  I'm coming inneed to talk to you.
Wel-l-l-l-l ...I guess it can wait, can't it?  What have we here?
HI, THERE!  That you, Don?  Hard to tell, when all I see is a rear end and some soggy pants.  Do you always leave through the bathroom window, Don?
And just what scared you off, Donny boy?  Possibly my roommate — standing here stark naked and holding a razor?  Was she about to prep you for some upcoming surgery, hun?

Look, Laurie — I can explain...

I'm sure you can, Cindy.  You can explain why Mr. Shy Guy here was too polite to put his hand on my breast or in my lap the other night at the movies — but manages to get you undressed the first time he meets you.
Well, never let it be said that my roommate showed my date a better time than I did.  I'll just get undressed, too.
AND YOU MIGHT AS WELL JOIN US, DON!  Your pants are all wet, anyway.  And stop struggling!  You'll never make it through that window.
Wait, Cindy — I have an even better idea.  Let's just pants him right here and now!   Look — I've already got his belt undone.  Grab the other pant leg!
Ahhh!  That wasn't so hard.  They just slipped right off.  AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU WORE CLEAN UNDERWEAR, DON?
Don?  You're awfully quiet, this evening.  Cat got your tongue?
Okay, Cindy — now the shorts.  Oooppsss — they were easy!
Well, I'll be darned!  Would you look at that?  He actually slipped through the window.  Wow — look at him go!  Gee — I hope he didn't park too far away.  But he does look kinda cute, though, streaking down the alley like that.
Oh, well — too bad.  And just when I was about to explain 'menage a trois' to him.
Oh, oh!  Look at this, Cindy.  Poor Don!   His car keys are here — in his pants pocket.