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Previously: How Sandra and I First Got Together

Seeing a Stag Movie in the 1950s

Beverly (my boss George's married concubine) mentioned to Sandra (my boss' secretary) that she'd come into possesion of a "stag film" (pornographic movie) and wondered where we could watch it.

        Younger readers may not realize that pornography (as seen on the internet, in x-rated movies and in various magazines) was not always legal.

        Yes, stag (pornographic) movies have been around since the 1920s, but could not be shown legally in theaters or anywhere else back then. It was in the mid-1960s that the US Supreme Court decriminalized most kinds of pornography.
Secretary Sandra

We couldn't use George's house because his two young children lived there along with a live-in caregiver and her two young kids.

Sandra had an ex-sister-in-law currently staying with her and, of course, Beverly's house was out of the question. So guess who's apartment was selected for watching the movie.

George said he'd rent a projector and a screen and bring them to my place on Saturday night.

        Well, I was rather uncomfortable about the whole thing because I'd never seen a stag film before, much less in the company of two women. And the idea of watching a "dirty movie" with my boss and his married mistress was more than a little unsettling.

        Furthermore, pornographic movies were strictly illegal in those days. But George and Beverly assured me that everything would be okay and we'd all enjoy seeing the film.

So George set up the projection equipment in my apartment, and before long we were all watching a stag film. I won't try to describe what went on in the movie, but when they got to the "oral" scenes Sandra nudged me in the ribs and gave me a knowing look.

The movie lasted about 40 minutes and there were lots of commentaries from George and Beverly. Beverly said some of the sex "positions" were wrong and that it was a shame she hadn't been chosen to be the film's director.

George's and Beverly's comments, naturally, were based on lots of personal experience -- so Sandra and I mostly sat quietly and let them do the commenting.

After the movie George and Beverly said goodnight and left for his office. Sandra, however, asked if she could stay a while.

Yes, of course she was welcome to stay. I was quite excited that she wanted to be alone with me after watching the stag film.

Well, we made some small talk and drank a little wine. Suddenly Sandra said, "I need a shower. Can I use your bathroom?"

Yes, of course she could. Then she asked if I had a robe she could use. I said the only thing I had was a short terry-cloth robe that just went down to my mid-section.

"That will be fine," Sandra smiled, as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Secretary Sandra

I had been wondering if she was going to ask me to join her in the shower, but decided to just be patient and see what would happen next.

After about ten minutes, Sandra emerged from the bathroom wearing my mini-robe. She gave me a provocative smile as she tugged the hem of the robe downward. "See?" she said. "It fits just fine. You can't see anything interesting at all, can you?"

"No," I replied, then jokingly added, "But if you stood on your head I probably could."

Then, to my amazement, she said, "Let's find out," as she did a headstand with her feet touching the wall for balance.

Well, naturally, the robe fell away, revealing most of her shapely body -- but only as seen from the rear.

As she returned to a standing position, Sandra asked if I enjoyed the view.

"Yes," I replied, "But I would have enjoyed it more if she had been facing the other way."

So she did another handstand that gave me a full frontal view of her delectably desirable body. As she returned to standing, she smiled and asked, "Was that better?"

At this point I had become speechless. After a few moments of awkward silence, Sandra asked, "Well, are we gonna have sex or aren't we?"

Well, I don't want to get too graphic here, but Sandra and I had suddenly become lustfully loving lovers.

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    ("What Happened Next" will be posted here soon.)
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