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Why I Love Google
by Don Edrington

     How could I not love somebody who’s been sending me a check every month since 2009?

     So, why does Google send me money every month?

     One day they happened to notice this website and sent an email saying they liked what they saw, and asked if they could put some Google ads on it. If someone responded to an ad, Google continued, I would receive a commision on any sale that resulted.

     Well, this sounded like a good deal to me, so I started putting their ads on my pages. After all, the site began as just a hobby, on which I intended to tell some stories about growing up in Hollywood during the mid-20th Century.

     The bottom line is that I've been getting a monthly check from Google ever since.

     No, it's not a lot of money -- currently about $150 a month, along with topping out at about $350 on occasion. Whatever the amount, however, it more than covers my costs of maintaining the site along with giving me some extra spending money.

What makes it even more valuable is that Google put a Search Box on the site, which can be used to find anything I've ever posted (currently over 600 pages worth of stuff).

     The Google Search Box not only helps visitors find things the site, it's the only viable way I have of keeping track of what I've put there over the years.

     Thank you, Google!

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