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Windows 10 Update
     A number of readers have complained that their Windows 7 or 8.1 computers were remotely upgraded to Windows 10 without their approval. For those who don't want the upgrade and wish to restore their previous OS, the best I can offer here is Microsoft's Customer Support info. Voice: 1-800-642-7676 or send a text message to 1-800-892-5234.

The free upgrade offer ends next month (July 29) after which an upgrade will cost $119 for "Win10 Home" or $199 for "Win10 Pro."

Having personally beta-tested Win10 for nearly a year (complete with many aggravating and time-consuming frustrations along the way) my opinion now is that it's the best Windows yet -- especially compared to 8 and 8.1.

Those who have become comfortable with Win7 will likely ask, "How is Win10 better? It's more complicated and confusing."

I agree -- that's how I felt during many months of beta-testing it. Well, the added complications have turned out to be a number of new and improved features that do require a learning curve to understand. And considering that about 90% of the world's PC market will eventually be using Win10, why not get it now while it's free?

Microsoft has the unique and currently unchallenged position of being the purveyor of a computer operating system that is used by about 90% of the world's computer users. The Mac has never held much more than about 5% of that market, with an even tinier group using the open-source Linux OS.

In the mid-1990s (when Microsoft came out with Windows 95) IBM offered a competing operating system called "OS/2 Warp" which many analysts said was better than Windows. However, Microsoft did an amazing job of out-maneuvering IBM and Warp soon faded into obscurity.

Also, IBM allowed the internal architecture of its original IBM-PC to be shared with other hardware companies, thus paving the way for the "IBM-Compatible PC" manufacturers, who ended up licensing their operating systems from Microsoft.

    By the way, the above is just the tiniest tip of a very complicated iceberg regarding IBM vs. Microsoft. It is explained in much better detail here: IBM OS2 Warp - Microsoft Windows

I think the overriding reason that Microsoft decided to offer a free upgrade to Win10 was that its predecessor (Win8/8.1) was such a universally-disliked dud. Win7 users (who aalready had an excellent OS) just happened to get in on the freebie

One Win10 user said it's running slowly and wondered if the McAfee anti-virus he has on the PC is slowing it down. Yes, very likely.

Microsoft says NOT to have any other anti-virus programs installed on a Windows 10 computer because "Windows Defender" is built in and constantly being updated in the background.
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