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Do you remember when nurses wore caps
(and dresses)?
Also - girls were expected to wear dresses to school
(or skirts and blouses - with poodle skirts being the big favorite).
We guys liked the poodles because on a fast jitterbug
they'd sometimes flare up,
letting their panties show
and making it hard for us
to concentrate on our dance steps.

A treat for the younger boys
was the Saturday afternoon matinee.
A western double-feature
with at least four cartoons
and two cliff-hanger serials
was standard fare.

Johnny MacBrown and Hopalong Cassidy
could do no wrong,
while Fuzzy Knight and Smiley Burnett
always provided comedy relief.

And the heroes were there just to outwit
the bad guys and the Indians.
(None of this mushy "love" stuff.)

I also got to see some of the stars in person, since I had
a newspaper stand up the street from Columbia Studios
and across from CBS Radio Studios.
When Humphrey Bogart bought a paper from me
I was surprised to see he was only 5' 7".
(He seemed taller in the movies).

But my favorite customer was Chet Huntley.
Before he teamed up with David Brinkley
(later on when TV came along)
he was CBS Radio's most popular reporter -
and every day he gave me a dime
for a 5 Los Angeles Herald Express.
(No one else did that.)

But Liberace was the one who thrilled our aging boarding house landlady.
"Such a nice man," she would say approvingly, "Look at that smile."
When we told her he was gay
(a new term we had recently learned)
she replied, "Well why shouldn't he be?
He has every right to be happy!"

Oops - over the word limit - 'bye...

© 2005 - Donald Ray Edrington

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