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What Is Adultery?

There was a time when I did a certain amount
of posting on the AOL Poetry & Story Boards,
where a "Topic of the Week" was suggested
as a theme for each week's postings.

One week the topic was "Adultery."


The topic's now adultery –
but I need information.

Adulterous? Before you're wed
or just plain fornication?

And if you don't get wed at all,
is sin the thing you're living?

Or are you being up-to-date,
with everyone forgiving?

And if your spouse has turned away
and says, "I can't be bothered"

What if you find another love
whose bed has now been offered?

Then tell me what's adultery -
who has the definition?

Is anything but married sex
the road to pure perdition?

And what about this cyber-sex?
Can this be called a sin here?

(You've never heard of cyber-sex?
Well, just how long ya been here?)

I have no answers, but admit
these questions cause me worry.

I'd like to see your answers here
and see them in a hurry.

One lady poet replied:

Donny, when you get some concrete answers pass them along, okay?
You know I've been struggling with this one myself...


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