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There was a time when I used to do a lot
of posting on the AOL Poetry & Story Boards,
where a "Topic of the Week" is suggested
as a theme for each week's postings.

One week the topic was "Making a Decision."

Cyber Domme


I think the time
has finally come
to end the speculation
about my views on certain things,
like female domination.

To all you Dommes who say I need
some further education...
who tempt me with these promises
of thrills and jubilation...

I've checked with other people here
who have the information.
They say they want to put an end
to all my tribulation.
I've learned that some are into this
with full exhilaration.
While others say to run like hell
and hide from this damnation.

So now I feel compelled to give
my final declaration...
and flatly state, without remorse,
and with no hesitation...

"Uhhh...can I get back to you...?"

© 2005 - Donald Ray Edrington

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