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    Digital Photo Basics
  1. Getting Pictures from Camera into Computer
  2. Getting Acquainted with Irfanview
  3. Basic Terms: View Size vs Print Size, etc.
  4. Virtually Free Photography - Naming Pics, Albums
  5. When Digital Camera Photos Can't Be Found
  6. Digital Photography for Not So Digital Seniors

  7. Crop, Resize, Align, Colors
  8. How to Crop and/or Resize a Photo
  9. Problem Enlarging Digital Pictures
  10. Understanding CYMK & RGB Colors
  11. How to Straighten (Rotate, Align) a Photo
  12. Darkrooms Replaced by Computers
  13. Be Your Own Photo Processing Studio

  14. Adding Text to Pictures
  15. Adding Text to a Photo
  16. Text & Picture In a Word Text Box

  17. Displaying Your Pictures
  18. Printing Multiple Photos on a Single Page
  19. Displaying Your Photos as a Slideshow
  20. Merging Two Graphics Into One
  21. When Multiple Photos Don't All Fit on a Print-Out
  22. Print Yourself or Have Pics Processed Elsewhere?

  23. Online Images - Emailing Pics
  24. Reducing a Digital Photo's File Size
  25. Red X Instead of a Picture
  26. Reducing the File Size of a Video
  27. Print Yourself or Have Pics Processed Elsewhere?
  28. Copying Images from a Web Site or an Email

  29. Pic Formats - File Extensions
  30. Digital Picture Formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc)
  31. Difference Between "Drawing" & "Painting" Programs
  32. Digital Cameras & Megapixelss
  33. Choosing File Associations for Picture Files
  34. Understanding "Animated GIFs"
  35. Comparison of JPG and GIF Image Files
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Cupid Hearts Some Favorite Links

Time Magazine - Person of the Year, 2006:

I find Time magazine's naming of YOU as 2006's person of the year to be quite apropos. Consider the fact that YOU can create a funny home video with your digital camera and post it on YouTube the same day to be seen by friends and family around the world. You can create a podcast commentary on any subject, post it on a Web site, and have it copied by folks to their iPods within hours.

If you find the idea of creating your own Web site intimidating, you can have space on MySpace or Friendster immediately and for free, where you can post photos, videos, stories, and blogs. As an example, check out my page at

The following are among the most popular Social Networking sites (in terms of membership size): (formerly MSN Spaces) (Yahoo! Groups)

As a musician, you can create a music video and have it seen and heard by millions without an agent or a professional producer. Sites that let you upload items for free are popping up everywhere. The following are just three of the many "upload your own video" sites now available: (The sites listed above also let you upload your own videos and pictures.) I-Report)

A very popular site for storing and displaying photos is:

You can also post your picture and profile on all the Social Networking sites, in hopes of meeting new friends or a Mr. or Ms. Right. Sadly, you can also be conned by online scammers and predators of all kinds. However, scams have been around since long before computers, and using common sense has always been the best means of protection.

Using Your PC with Two Monitors

Speaking of PCs, they say laptop sales now exceed those of desktop models, as many users prefer the convenience and portability of the notebook variety. A really cool feature of most laptops is a port to a second monitor, which can be placed alongside the unit's main monitor and used as an extension of it. Your mouse will move seamlessly from one to the other, which means a wide spreadsheet can be manipulated without constant sideways scrolling. I use two monitors when working on a Web page. I edit the code on one screen and view the results on the other. Writing a book is also easier when you can have multiple pages fully open and in view at the same time.

After connecting the second monitor, right-click your Desktop and choose Properties. Two monitor icons will appear under Settings, which can be indicated Primary and Secondary when clicking the Identify button. Here screen resolution for each can be set. Pressing F1 will bring up detailed instructions.

Desktop PC owners can have a second monitor port installed in their computers by hardware technician.

Using USB-Connected Headphones, Microphones, and Speakers

The tiny built-in speakers that come with most laptops can be pretty anemic, but good external speakers or a headset can produce very impressive sound. All computers come with a traditional 1/8-inch stereo port for headphones and speakers, but USB-connected headphones and speakers can be even more impressive, since USB ports don't pick up all the RF signals inside a computer which can adversely affect traditional audio output ports. I use a combination headset and microphone made by Plantronics, and couldn't be more pleased with the way they work.

Furthermore, using a headset/microphone combo is the ideal way to take advantage of all the free PC-to-PC telephone options nowadays.

More PC Help & Various Free Programs Can Be Found Here.

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Microsoft Word Logo
  1. Creating Labels & Envelopes with Word, Excel, & MSWorks
  2. Replacing NORMAL.DOC when Word Becomes Unstable
  3. Password Protecting Word & Excel Documents

  4. Pictures & Text Boxes
  5. Picture in a Text Box
  6. Placing Both Text & a Pic in a Text Box

  7. Other Document Types
  8. MSWord, Wordpad, Notepad, Google's Writely/Docs
  9. Converting Data between MSWord & PDF Files

  10. Working with Columns
  11. Dividing a Page into Columns
  12. Lining Up Numbers in a Column

  13. Bullets & Page Numbering
  14. Using AutoCorrect for Bullets & Numbering
  15. Add Page Numbering to a Word Processing Document

  16. Newsletters, Ads, Brochures
  17. Creating & Mailing a Holiday Newsletter

    Computer Commentary
  1. Signing Up with MySpace
  2. Internet Explorer6 vs Internet Explorer 7
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