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Fell Asleep at the PC - Broken Collar Bone

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Back in 1998 I fell asleep one evening while working at the computer.

I hit the kitchen floor with a thud and ended up in the local ER with a clavicle broken in two places. It was kind of embarrassing, to say the least.

Why was I so sleepy? Well, that's kind of embarrassing, too. At the time, I had become hopelessly hooked on AOL's Poetry and Story Boards, where one can go to post short poems and stories.

The really fun thing about this is that you can read and comment on the writings of others, while they do likewise with yours.

It's not only fun, it can be downright addictive. What invariably happens is that you get acquainted with some of the other writers, and often find yourself up in the wee small hours exchanging IMs (instant messages) with friends you've made online.

Just about the time you've decided you're going to log off and get some sleep, another buddy's name pops up, and you find yourself immersed in another lively gab fest.

In fact, getting involved with the poetry boards (as well as with some of the poets) had become so addictive that I wrote a little poem on the subject: "Not Addicted - Just Can't Quit."

Not Addicted -
Just Can't Quit

I don't need booze or cigarettes
Or drugs of any kind.
Addictive things I always shun;
They just mess up one's mind.

But since I found this posting board,
My life's a total mess.
To try and write just one more poem
Has hooked me - I confess.

I don't know where to turn for help -
Can someone cure my ills?
Or will I end up on the street
Hawking poems for dollar bills?

Your words of strength could save my life,
Could make my future shine.
But don't call now - I'm busy here!
Gotta write another line!

The above ditty had been written some months before the fractured clavicle debacle - but I couldn't resist writing the poem shown at the right when I got home from the hospital.

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