Did Jesus really rise again?
Is resurrection real?
If not, then Christianity
Is just another spiel.

Well, maybe Thomas had it right
These things just could not be.
Should we believe He rose again
For all eternity?

We just weren't there to see the tomb
Or nailprints in His hands.
So should we trust this story
That's spread throughout the lands?

I haven't seen the tomb or hands
But I have seen the eyes
Of those who feel within their hearts
That these cannot be lies.

I've had love and forgiveness
From ordinary men
Who say they've learned to live this way
'Cause Jesus rose again.

So I'm not here to offer proof
Or try to change your mind.
But I'm secure within the faith
That others helped me find.

And there is no way I can thank those others enough.

Poem by Don Edrington

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