Vintage Typewriter Don Edrington's  PC Chats for 2001   
Appearing twice weekly in The Californian and San Diego's North County Times

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  PC Chats for 2001
Jan 2   Clearing Out McGee's Closet
Jan 7   Cropping & Resizing Photos
Jan 9   How to Create and Use Your Own Folders
Jan 14   Compatibility Features of Various E-mail Services
Jan 16   Taking Advantage of Your PC's Desktop
Jan 21   More About Various E-mail Services
Jan 23   No Free Lunch?
Jan 21   Copy & Paste + PC Classes
Jan 30   Some Observations on MSWorks 2000
Feb 4   Managing Email Address Books
Feb 6   Taxes, Amortization & Spreadsheets + Printing Lists of Files & Folders
Feb 11   Tips & Questions from Readers - Screen Prints - Printing Lists of Files & Folders
Feb 13   Fixing Those Long & Short Lines in Email + Getting Rid of Those >>> Symbols
Feb 18   Free Email "Clean-Up" Programs + More Info on Printing File & Folder Lists + Icons on Your Taskbar
Feb 25   Desktop Icons Can Make Your Tasks Easier + Using Notepad
Feb 27   Using Your Built-in Calculator + Some Helpful Spreadsheet Tricks
Mar 4   More Useful Information About Icons
Mar 6   More Information About Your Taskbar - "Taskbar" vs "Toolbar" - "Icons" vs "Buttons"
Mar 11   "Quick-Launch" Icons vs "Startup" Icons
Mar 13   Mail-Merge with MSWorks + Moving Data Between Spreadsheets & DB Programs
Mar 18   Information on Musical Files + Formatting Email
Mar 20   Formatting Margins in Email
Mar 25   Sending Photos with Email
Mar 27   Using "Thumbnails" + Using Different Versions of MSWorks
April 1   Animated Graphics
April 3   Filename Extensions
April 8   Changing a BMP graphic into an ICON
April 10   An Overview of Using Scanners
April 15   Free Word Processor + AutoCorrect Tricks + Writing in Spanish with MSWord
April 17   Moving Email Address Books from One Program to Another
April 22   More Tricks for Typing Special Symbols
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April 24   Using Your Word Processor's Ruler
April 29   Using Columns in a Word Processing Document
May 1   Saving All or Parts of a Document
May 6   Using Your Right Mouse Button
May 8   Saving Your Files to Other Disks
May 13   More "Right-Click" & "Send To" Options + "Mirrored Margins" in MsWord, WordPerfect & MSPublisher
May 15   Accessing Email from Another PC + Find/Search Options
May 20   Using Windows' *Find* Options
May 22   Transferring Files between PCs + Printing Web Pages
May 27   Using Your Find & Replace Options
May 29   More on Copying Files, Discs & Disks
June 3   Saving Email as You Create It
June 5   Sending & Receiving Faxes To & From Your Computer
June 10   Joining or Starting a Computer Club + Documenting a Medical History with your PC
June 12   More on Faxing & Saving Files
June 17   Having Fun with Instant Messages
June 19   Sometimes Size Does Matter + Tips on Using Scandisk & Defrag
June 24   Using Your Various "Appearance" Options
July 1   Saving Ink When Printing Maps & Directions
July 3   More on Faxing + Some Tips on Using WinZip
July 8   Comments and Questions from Readers
July 10   Some Paradoxes of Microsoft Products
July 17   Using Windows Explorer "View" Options
July 19   Using Simple Macros in Various Versions of MSWorks
July 22   Using Your Spreadsheet to Add It All Up
July 23   Managing your windows in Windows
July 26   Make a Folder for your "Run" Commands
July 29   Drag & Drop Pictures into Outlook Express
July 31   Microsoft Gets Tough on Software Piracy
Aug 5   Some Interesting Aspects of Email
Aug 7   Windows XP + More "Classmates" Stories
Aug 12   More on Classmates + Information on Downloading File Attachments
Aug 14   Time for a Confession (about not using an anti-virus program)
Aug 19   More Information on Protection from Viruses and Worms
Aug 21   Virus Tips from Readers + Using the Windows Phone Dialer
Aug 26   Beta-testing Windows XP + Using "Thumbnails" with Paint Shop Pro
Aug 28   More Beta-testing Windows XP + Faxing While Online with a Cable Connection
Sep 2   Blocking Unwanted Email
Sep 6   Thoughts from Readers on Blocking Unwanted Email
Sep 9   Surprised to Find Some Viruses + Plus Information on Some Free Programs
Sep 11   More Information on Free Programs
Sep 15   Another Virus Problem
Sep 16   Questions from Readers re: Email
Sep 23   Another Virus Alert
Sep 25   Using a PC to Make Patriotic Posters
Sep 30   Differences Between Freeware & Shareware
Oct 2   How Windows XP Will Affect PC Chat
Oct 7   Sircam Virus & its "Reply Email" Trick
Oct 9   Using MSOffice to Create Mailing Labels & Envelopes
Oct 14   Using MSWorks to Create Mailing Labels & Envelopes
Oct 16   Using MSWord Alone to Create Mailing Labels & Envelopes
Oct 21   Norton SystemWorks - Worth Considering
Oct 23   Norton SystemWorks Can Create Problems - Another Point of View
Oct 28   Windows XP Is Very, Very Stable
Oct 30   Various Ways to Back Up Important Files
Nov 4   Transferring Files from One Computer to Another
Nov 6   Managing Files & Folders 101
Nov 11   Managing "Shortcuts" 101
Nov 13   Questions and Help from a Reader
Nov 18   Some Windows Basics
Nov 20   "Block Sender" Options + Resizing Photos
Nov 25   Blocking Pop-Up Ads & Unwanted Email
Nov 27   Some Tips on Using PowerPoint
Dec 2   Another Virus Alert
Dec 4   Tips on Printing Multipage Documents
Dec 9   PopUp Ad Killers - Worth the Trouble? - What is "Web" Email? - Why Did My Picture Icons Change?
Dec 11   Navigating Without a Mouse
Dec 16   Getting Animated Graphics to Move + Tips on Book Formatting
Dec 18   Printing Web Pages + Working with Tables
Dec 23   Finding Things on your PC + Some Keyboard Shortcuts for the Mac
Dec 25   Cookies - ScanDisk - Internet Device - iMac
Dec 30   More on Cookies + Selecting Multiple Files

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