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Appearing twice weekly in The Californian and San Diego's North County Times

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  PC Chats for 2002
Jan 1   Viruses & Hoaxes You Should Know About
Jan 6   Placing Graphics in Return Address Labels
Jan 8   Leave Your PC On or Turn It Off? + Some thoughts on Spell-Checking
Jan 13   More Information on Spell-Checking
Jan 15   Labels, Business Cards, & Yellow Sticky Notes
Jan 16   Now Using a Cordless Keyboard & a Cordless Mouse
Jan 20   Stop the Presses - System Tray vs Quick Launch - Making Your Own Voice "WAV" Files
Jan 22   Recovering Deleted Emails + Managing Email Folders
Jan 27   More on Blocking Unwanted Email + How to Save Your IMs (Instant Messages)
Jan 29   Using the "Files of Type" Options + Using Two Versions of the Same Program on Your Hard Drive

Feb 3   Internet & Website Questions Answered
Feb 5   Inserting a "Signature" in Email & Other Documents
Feb 10   Placing Web Pages & Links into Email
Feb 19   Creating Special Effects with Text
Feb 24   Resizing Photos & Cleaning Up Malformatted Text
Feb 26   More on WordArt + Fixing "NORMAL.DOT" in MSWord

Mar 3   Deleting "TMP" Files + Using Text & Pictures in Writing a Book + Fixing "NORMAL.DOT"
Mar 5   More About the Windows\Temp Folder + DOWNLOADING 101
Mar 10   OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Turning a Scanned Page into Editable Text
Mar 12   Cleaning Up Email for Printing + Making Your Own Icons
Mar 17   Using "Open With," Using "Plain Text," Using "Page Breaks"
Mar 19   Dealing with Various AutoCorrect Options
Mar 24   Importing Address Books into OE - Sending BCCs from AOL & CompuServe - Working with Screen Shots
Mar 26   Using Special Symbols - Clearing History & Temporary Internet Files
Mar 31   More on Using Special Symbols ( ) + Using Alt+PrntScrn

Apr 2   Word Processing Tips & Tricks
Apr 7   Printer Margin Settings + Using WordPad + Ctrl Key Tricks
Apr 9   Creating Your Own Default Folders + ScanDisk & Defrag for WinXP + Ctrl Key Tricks
Apr 14   Stopping Popup Ads, Pictures & Columns in MSWord, Isn't Microsoft Rich Enough?
Apr 16   Placing Text in Columns, Line Spacing in Text - Saving Email
Apr 21   Setting TAB STOPS in Word Processing Documents
Apr 23   Working with "windows" in "Windows" + More on Tabs & Columns
Apr 28   Some Handy Spreadsheet Tricks + Sorting Chapter Names in MSWord
Apr 30   Justifying Text + Saving Email to a Disk + More on Using the Concatenate Command in Excel

May 5   Handy "Zoom" View Trick - A Number of Uses for the Ctrl Key
May 7   Viruses - Real & Phony + Accessibility Options for the Physically Challenged + Inserting & Other Symbols
May 12   More RAM Can Help "Illegal Operation" Problems + WinME vs WinXP + Using Notepad & "Yellow Stickies"
May 14   Moving Address Books, Equipment Failure Questions, Creating a Startup Disk
May 19   More on Viruses & Virus Hoaxes - Managing Your Startup List - Squeezing More onto a 3.5" Disk
May 21   "Automatic AOL" Problems + Copying AOL Address Book + Handy "JotSmart" Program
May 26   Using AOL's Personal Filing Cabinet + Folders in Outlook Express & Windows Explorer
May 28   Murphy's Law (3 Laptops Break Down in 3 Days) + Firewall Information

June 2   Free PC to PC Voice Communication with Yahoo Messenger + Using Text IMs
June 4   Exchanging Files Between a PC and a Mac + Avoiding Junk Mail on Hotmail
June 9   Using GO BACK (Restoring Your System to an Earlier Date) + Managing Favorites & Bookmarks
June 11   Helpful Hints for Users of Microsoft Word
June 16   Printing Selections, Unzipping Downloads, Taskbar & Start/Run Options + Thumbnail Graphics
June 18   Backing Up Files on 3.5" Disks, Volume Control Icon, Changing and/or Creating Icons
June 23   Some Computer Terminology
June 25   "Clickable" Hyperlinks, HTML vs. Plain Text, Using BCCs
June 30   More Info on the Differences between MS-Word & MS-Works

July 2   Managing Your Fonts
July 7   Free Font Display Program + Exporting Outlook Address Book into Outlook Express + CD-ROM, CDR and CD/RW Differences + AOL "BCC" Peculiarity
July 9   Free Directory Printer Programs + Info on BMP, TIF, JPG & GIF Bitmap Files
July 14   Converting BMPs to JPGs + Some Info on Using WinZip
July 16   Copying Graphics from One Place to Another
July 21   Message Rules in Outlook Express, Ideas To Get Hardware Working Again, Use Latest Version of Free Software
July 23   Copy, Cut & Paste via the Windows Clipboard - Computers 101
July 28   Giving a Word File a Password - "Save" vs "Save As" - Incremental Filename Changes - Backing Up Files on Other Disks/Discs
July 30   Different Ways of Setting Tabs in MS-Word

Aug 4   More Tips on Setting Tab Stops in Word Processing Documents
Aug 6   More on MSWord's "AutoCorrect" Features
Aug 11   Info on MIDI & WAV Sound Files + Changing Text Size in Browsers & Email
Aug 13   Printing Gridlines, Borders & Shading + Some Database Fundamentals
Aug 18   More on Printing Gridlines + Some Spreadsheet Fundamentals
Aug 20   Multiple Copy & Paste Feature of MSOffice Programs + Using Help Files to Learn OCR + Shortcut Icon Info
Aug 25   Reinstalling Outlook Express, Reinstalling a Windows Game such as Solitaire
Aug 27   Backing Up Messages & Addresses in Outlook Express Folders + Understanding DBX Files - Printing AOL Address Book

Sep 1   Automatic Hyperlink Conversion - Help We May Not Want + Easy Line-Spacing + Playing Music Files
Sep 3   Unwanted Names in OE - Flat Screen Problem - Changing Desktop Display - Downloading to a 3.5" Disk - Mac-PC Picture Conversion
Sep 8   Converting a "Regular" Name in an Email's Return Address into the actual "Email Address" + Finding HTML Formatting Tools in Hotmail + Saving Items to a 3 1/2" Floppy Disk
Sep 10   Sorting "Favorites" - Positioning Graphics in Word - Deleted Files that Appear Not to be Deleted
Sep 15   How to Copy a Graphic from a PowerPoint File Using Your PrntScrn Key + Launching Programs the Easy Way
Sep 17   Using Icons & Folders Creatively - Handling "Read Only" Files
Sep 22   ScreenSaver Shortcut + Sorting AOL "Favorites" + Finding Downloaded Pictures in AOL + Changing Font Sizes in Emails & on Web Pages
Sep 24   Using "Wingdings" IJKLMNOPQRS + Microsoft Works Problems + Printing Out a Calendar
Sep 29   "AutoText" vs "AutoCorrect" + Custom Dictionary + Finding the "" Symbol

Oct 1   Wordpad Compatibility Issues - AOL Browser vs IE - Viewing Graphics with Your Browser
Oct 6   Overcoming Taskbar & Text Size Problems
Oct 8   Moving Your Taskbar - "Beta-Testing" - Looking Up Filename Extensions & Acronyms - "Word-Wrap" & "Carriage Returns"
Oct 13   Removing Unwanted Taskbar Icons + BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) Questions
Oct 15   Retrieving BCC Names Sent via Outlook Express + Missing CHARMAP or MSCONFIG Files + Asst'd Email Tips
Oct 20   More on Retrieving BCC Names Sent via OE + What is ".WMF" - "Raster" and "Vector" Graphics - Sneaky Spamming
Oct 22   Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes & Gigabytes Explained - Missing DLL Files - Doing "Splits" in MSWord
Oct 27   Finding "Hidden Files" - Helpful "View" Options - Downloading "DLL" Files (a Dissenting View re: part of my 10/22/02 article)
Oct 29   Doing Mailing Labels & Envelopes with MS-Works Illustrated Instructions Here

Nov 3   More on Doing Mailing Labels & Envelopes, including with MS-Word (Illustrated Instructions Here)
+ Eliminating Temporary Internet Files & "Cookies"
Nov 5   Faxing with your PC + Finding Lost Files
Nov 10   Faxing "Services" + Faxing with Your PC Using a DSL Connection + Word's Built-In Drawing Tools + Free Clipart from Microsoft
Nov 12   Using Your "WinKey" + "Thumbnails" on the WinXP Desktop + Printing Web Pages Too Wide for Your Paper + Page Numbering in MSWord
Nov 17   Checking a Web Page in Different Browsers + More on Bulleted Lists in MSWord + Outlook Express Protecting Too Well + Animations in Email + Email with an EML Extension + Reinstalling Outlook Express
Nov 19   Downloading Pictures & Inserting Them into Outgoing Email
Nov 24   Creating a Desktop Icon to Your Favorite Programs + Difficulty with Double-Clicking? - Using WordArt
Nov 26   Eliminating Modem Noise + Possible Fixes for Hardware Problems + Retrieving Email When Away from Your ISP's Service Area + Using PowerPoint for Holiday Greetings

Dec 2   Saving Email When Changing ISPs + Finding Free Stuff on the Internet + AutoCorrect Problems with MSWord
Dec 8   Printing my Newsletter to Your Specifications - Making Disk Backups - When MSWord Gets Flaky
Dec 10   "Delete" vs "Remove" vs "Uninstall" + Reviving a Laptop with Flaky WinXP & a Dead CD Drive
Dec 15   FREE Word Processing & Spreadsheet Software + Reviving a Printer with a New Cable + "InternetAlert"
Dec 17   More Free Software + Win95 Deficiency + Basics of BMP, JPG & GIF + New Ink Cartridges vs New Printer
Dec 22   Tips on Downloading Files + Difference Between ZIP & EXE Files + Desktop Appearance Options
Dec 24   Getting the Most out of Instant Messaging
Dec 29   Spelling & Grammar Checking Options + Counting Your Words + Changing the "Zoom" View in MSWord
Dec 31   Keeping Windows & Folders Maximized, Zooming Options, Resizing Photos + Free Language Translation Web Site

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