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Online Flirting & Consenting Adults -
Part 5

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Online Flirting
with Some Very
Interesting Ladies

Strange, but True, Happenings in Cyber Space


There was a time when I was a fairly regular participant on the AOL Story and Poetry Boards.

If you're not familiar with this type of forum, it's a place where people submit stories and poems they've written, and where they read those submitted by others. You are also invited to post comments on what you read, while others will likewise post comments on your postings.

Of course, comments that one posts usually engender comments in return—and the end result is often writers getting to know one another, and sometimes becoming good friends. And sometimes they become bitter enemies. I have some stories that would amaze you.
Met a Lot of Interesting People

Speaking from my own experiences on these boards, I met some fascinating people and learned some things I would never have learned anywhere else. For instance, I discovered that some of the writers are into strange lifestyles I had never even heard of. Maybe I've lead too na´ve a lifestyle of my own, but terms like Domme and D/s were totally foreign to me.

When they posted poems about whips and chains and dungeons, I thought it was all a big joke. Little did I realize there are people to whom inflicting pain on one another is something they actually enjoy. And they enjoy writing about these experiences on the Poetry and Story Boards.

My own postings on the boards were almost exclusively of the humorous type. And when I began to learn about some of these offbeat lifestyles, the temptation to write parodies was more than I could resist. (Keep reading.)
Women Outnumber the Men

But there is more to my story than that. As a newcomer to the Poetry Boards, it didn't take long to realize there are a lot more female writers than males. Consequently, I met a number of women from different walks of life, many of whom had interesting stories to tell about themselves.

I also learned that the poets and poetesses tend to write mostly about their personal experiences. Over on the Story Boards most of the writers seemed to be posting fiction; but poets, by their very nature, lean toward writing about their innermost selves—telling of their desires, their disappointments, their conquests, and their frustrations.

For instance, I had no idea there are so many battered women in our society until I began reading the poems posted by some whom I had gotten to know. And I don't mean just spousal abuse—I met women who had been abused by their fathers, or a brother, or other various males in their lives. Don't even get me started on the rapes I was told about, or on the attempted suicide I suddenly found myself in on.

I could write a book about some of the deadly things I became familiar with on the Boards, but prefer to write about the more humorous events I became involved in.
Online Flirting

Something I learned early on is that a lot of "flirting" goes on between the poets. Much of it is non-serious and just something one does to have a little fun. However, flirtations can develop into serious relationships, some of which work out and some of which don't. (Again, I could tell you some amazing stories.)

Well, I will tell you a little. However, I will alter names and places and events, as needed, to protect the identities of the guilty.

One of the first strange things I noticed in the postings of a certain poet was that he usually wrote about "being on his knees" and "kissing the boots" of a "strong woman."

He even had the prefix "Sub" in his screen name and went on endlessly about the pleasures of submitting to domineering women.

Puzzled by the Popularity of his Poems

I was even more surprised to see that his postings usually resulted in numerous replies from women who thought his poems were just wonderful. I couldn't understand it. A guy describes himself as a spineless wimp—and the women just ate it up.

As I continued to read and become acquainted with other writers, I slowly began to learn a little about B D S M. I won't go into details now, but I discovered that these folks tend to be either submissives (subs) or dominants (dom/male, domme/female). I also learned that some of these role-players enjoy taking turns at being D or s.
Sharing Personal Thoughts

Well, one of the women I had gotten to know (I'll call her Zeena) began to share with me some things that had recently been on her mind.

She told me that her husband (who was also a poet, but who had no interest in online posting) had decided that, in order to become a better poet, he needed to suffer more—and that his idea of self-inflicted suffering was to become celibate.

Well, this did not please Zeena at all; and she told me she was thinking of having an affair with an old friend who had recently divorced and who had been tossing passes her way.

She also went on to suggest that she and I post some poems together, wherein she would express her feelings about this fellow (who was quite a bit younger than her husband) and that I should express his feelings toward her.

So I said OK. And as we posted our thoughts (with me pretending to be her would-be lover) she would privately tell me about how she was getting closer to giving in to him. Well, how all this eventually played out could be the subject of a very interesting mini-novel—but I won't give away the ending now. Someday, perhaps.

In the meantime, Zeena had also become interested in the fellow who liked to write about submitting to dominatrix-type women. She asked me if I knew his real name, whether he was married, and where he lived. Well, I had exchanged some email and IMs with him, so I knew the answers to all of Zeena's questions—but was surprised that she was asking.
Could She Actually Be Into This Stuff?

"Are you into that dominatrix stuff?" I asked.

"Yes, very much so," she replied, "and he seems to be just my type."

Well, again, whether or not she finally met "Mr.Sub" in person would make another interesting story—but I'll save it for another time.

However, I found Zeena's admission to being a Domme intriguing, so I began asking her questions about just what goes on. Well, I learned, she had been into this for a long time—and that most of her role-playing had been done with her now-celibate husband, with whom she sometimes traded places as Dom/Domme and sub.

As we became better acquainted, Zeena suggested that I would make a great sub for her and that we should try it out some time.

Let me hasten to explain that this kind of thing is normally done in person (so I'm told) but it can also be done online—sort of a D/s version of cyber-sex. Since we lived on opposite sides of the country, the cyber version is what she was suggesting.

Again—this presented me with too good a parody possibility to pass up—so I began posting some satirical poems about "thinking of submitting," which fetched some interesting replies from Zeena and the other ladies of the boards.

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