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 Man Riding Bicycle Carrying Large Dog on His Shoulders

When I first saw this fellow coming toward me, I thought the dark-colored cargo being carried on his shoulders was a trash-bag full of recyclables. As we passed, he gave me a big smile and a "Howdy," which I naturally returned.

That's when I got a good look at what actually was on his shoulders.

Well, I had to have a picture of this, so I made a U-turn and began to follow him. Would you believe I chased him for six blocks before he finally stopped at a busy intersection? I was hoping to get in front of him, so I could get a picture of him coming toward me. But he was too fast.

I was amazed at how skillfully he zigged and zagged through traffic, with one hand on the handlebars and the other holding one forepaw and one rear paw of the pooch. Can you imagine how that much weight on your shoulders would raise the center of gravity, making it harder to maintain your balance?

Anyway, the fellow's name is Mark, and we had a nice conversation before we each had to be on our way.

 Dog Taking Boy for a Walk
Could this be the same dog?
I snapped these pictures a couple of weeks apart in the same neighborhood.

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(Pics taken while bicycling around Costa Mesa)