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(Pictures taken while bicycling around Costa Mesa and Newport Beach)

When I first noticed this man, he was watching his dog, who was running around on the other side of a chain link fence that guards an old oil field. The gate was padlocked, but could be held open just enough to let the pooch go through. It took me a while to figure out that the man would bring his dog here periodically so it could romp around on the other side where there is plenty of traffic-free open space.

Newport Beach police officers tend to dress rather casually.

I couldn't resist taking a shot of this little cutie who was waddling along, trying to keep up with her mother and brother as best she could. Right after I took the picture she waddled right out of her sandals, leaving them on the sidewalk behind her, where they would have remained had I not called, "Seņora," and told the mom what happened. Naturally, she smiled and said "Gracias" as she recovered the fallen footwear.

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