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1940 Lincoln Zypher
A Funny Thing Happened on
the Way to the 21st Century...

True Stories - LA - Hollywood - San Diego
Dropping Out of Hollywood High
 • She Wanted to Sharpen my Pencil
 • First Date - First Kiss?
 • Love at First Sight
 • Blind Date Heartache
 • Chet Huntley - My Favorite Customer
 • Orson Welles - Another Customer
 • Mom Wanted Me to Start Smoking
 • Seductive Divorcee
 • First Job & All Those Pretty Girls
 • Starlight Ballroom Mystery
 • Burt Goodrich Gym - Mr America
 • Delilah     • More about Delilah
 • Rollercoaster Romance
 • Troubled Girl on a Country Road
 • Pink Jockey Shorts (Part 1)
     (Part 2)   (Part 3)   (Part 4)

Fort Ord, Fort Belvoir, Korea
No Time for Sergeants
 • Dance Studio Temptress
 • Celia Cruz
 • That Night with Margarita
 • Hitchhiking with a Gun-Toting Psycho
 • Korea - Turned a POW Loose
 • Surprise Invite by a Married Woman
 • Broke Collar Bone Using the PC
 • Grandson Found Loaded Gun
 • Marta in Puerto Rico

Cornet 5¢ - 10¢ - 25¢ Memories
Over the Grapevine to Tulare
 • Bakersfield - Flirtatious Chicana
 • Eating a Live Goldfish
 • Staring into the Bird Cage
 • Hired, Fired, Rehired, then Quit
 • Bakersfield - Flirtatious Chicana
 • Desperate Day in Big Bear Snow

Don Edrington - PC Columnist for The Californian & San Diego's North County Times - Specializing in Help to Seniors Who Are New to Computers
Specializing in Help to Seniors
Who Are New to Computers

I Like the Girls Who Do...
 • We Shared a Springtime Shower
 • She Seduced Me with Her Eyes

Silly Stuff
I Like to Look at Pictures
 • Control
 • Limericks
 • Shaved Legs

 • My Domme

Thought Provoking
What Is Adultery?
 • What Is This Thing Called CyberSex?
 • Secret Online Sweetheart

More Fun Stuff
Vintage Jokes
 • Don's Vintage Cartoons
 • Cycling Costa Mesa's Dirt Trails

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Fun Snapshots

Pedofile Attempting to Proposition a Young Boy
1942 - Los Angeles

A 'Nice Man' Invited Me

to the Movies

When I Was 10

When I was 10, my mom, her third husband, and I moved to an apartment in downtown Los Angeles. We'd only been there a couple of weeks when I was approached by a man as I walked home from school. He said he was on his way to the movies, and asked if I'd like to come, too.

I said sure, but I'd have to ask my mom first. (I loved going to the movies, and this seemed like a very friendly man with a very nice offer.)

No, he insisted, I didn't need to ask — and we wouldn't be gone that long — so let's just head for the movies.

Well, I told him I'd be in big trouble if I went without getting my mom's permission — but he promised to explain it to her later and that everything would be all right. He followed me right up to our apartment door, insisting the whole time this wasn't necessary.

But I told him I'd be out as soon as I talked to my mom. (I was very excited about getting to see a movie in the middle of the week).

When my mother heard there was a nice man waiting in the hallway, she let out a scream and pushed me into the kitchenette and ordered me not to move.

"So what's the matter with her?" I wondered as she apprehensively cracked the door and peered into the hallway. And when she turned to say there was no one there I was genuinely surprised.

Then, before I could tell her again how nice he was, she shoved me into a chair and gave me an animated lecture about accepting offers from strangers. But I thought she must be exaggerating. He was so nice!

"Well, if he was so nice, why didn't he wait and talk to me?" she demanded.

Well, she had a point — but the disappointment of not going to the movies had clouded my reasoning — and it was only after I'd thought about it that I began to agree he probably was what she said he was.

It was a valuable lesson.

The following year I sort of fell in love with a 16-year-old girl...

The Girl + The Boy + The Magazine

Sunshine & Health Magazine - circa 1940s/1950s

© 1997 - Donald Ray Edrington

Shy Guy from Hollywood High

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Since I have few personal photos from my youth, I've used pictures found on the Internet
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