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        Using the MSCONFIG App

Today's computers are capable of doing many things at once. However, having multiple programs running at the same time can cause each one to run slowly.

What might such a needlessly running program be? Well, a good example is Adobe Reader. Reader is needed to open PDF files, but reading such files is something most of us do only occasionally. Why have the program running constantly in the background when it's not being used?

Another example is Microsoft Office. Why have the whole bloated suite using resources when you're only going to be using Word or Excel for a while?

So are there any programs that should start running when one's computer is turned on?

Well, I use my "Yellow Stickies" and my "Microsoft Optical Intellimouse" apps constantly, so I have them set to become operational when I turn on my PC.

Windows 7 (and earlier) users should have their anti-virus programs running full-time. (Windows 10's "Defender" is built-in and alway on duty.)

Here's how to use the MSCONFIG (Microsoft Configuration) app to help control your startup programs:

Windows 7 users will click on Start>Search and type "MSCONFIG" (caps optional) into the Search Box. Then press ENTER (or click the "MSCONFIG" phrase that appears).

Windows 10 users press CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Now a chart will appear with several tabs at the top. Click the Startup tab to see a list of programs that might start running when you turn on the computer. Most of us don't need more than three or four of these items check-marked. Un-check the ones you don't need running non-stop.

Un-checking an item does NOT delete it — you are simply telling it to NOT start running at startup time. Furthermore, any de-selected item can be re-enabled whenever you want.

If uncertain about what to un-check, de-select everything by clicking Disable All in the chart's lower right corner. Reboot to see how your PC is behaving. If anything seems amiss, return to MSCONFIG and re-check whichever program you suspect might be the culprit.

Or you can de-select them one-at-a-time and test each one accordingly.

Also, don't assume that this is a one-time ritual. Software authors have sneaky ways of adding new items to the Startup list and re-enabling items you have de-selected.

Editing Facebook Comments

Everybody knows that when you type a "comment" into Facebook (or any other social site) you insert your text by pressing ENTER. However, if you press SHIFT and ENTER simultaneously, it means you have ended one paragraph and are set to begin another (while remaining in the "comment mode").

If you press SHIFT+ENTER twice, you will have placed a blank line between the two paragraphs.

These steps can be used to break a
lo-o-o-ong paragraph into shorter ones, which makes any block of text easier to read.

You can also EDIT or DELETE a Facebook comment by clicking on the tiny pencil in the upper-right corner of the comment box.

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